Casey Thompson

As Senior Pastor at the Wayne church, Casey leads us weekly in worship, teaches multiple times a year, and provides vision and leadership for the staff and session. He joined our staff in 2010, after spending five years as pastor for young adults and evangelism in Memphis. 

He loves to read, write, paint, play basketball, juggle, play Wii with his kids and talk with his wife. In the church, Casey has particular interests in teaching scripture, preparing sermons, talking with people about sticky theological questions and embodying the difficulty of faith by generally making a mess of his from time to time. If he were not a minister, Casey would write novels.

Casey has been married to Sharon, a psychologist, since 1995 and has two lovely daughters, Willow and Lily, neither of whom have decided on careers yet.  Willow is leaning toward being a mechanical engineer and Lily a dancer.

Casey loves that the Wayne church takes faith seriously but itself a little less so.

Casey can be reached at or ext. 214.