Flat Martin Luther

The Presbytery of Philadelphia, founded in 1717, is celebrating its 300th anniversary and the 500th anniversary of the Reformation started by Martin Luther in 1517!  Join us as we celebrate!

In 1517, Martin Luther, a Catholic Priest from Germany, wrote Ninety-five Theses, questioning several practices of the church. He came to understand that justification, or how we are reconciled to God, is a gift of God’s grace. Salvation is attainable only through faith in Jesus as the Messiah, not through good works or the sale of indulgences as practiced by the church at that time. As you can imagine, this was not well received! He was declared an outlaw and heretic. Martin Luther preached the ideas that faith alone, scripture alone, and Christ alone were central to our faith, lived out in love, patience, charity, freedom, and trust of God’s word. He translated the Bible to German, which made it widely accessible to regular people.

To recognize Martin Luther’s influence on the foundation of the Presbyterian Church, we are doing our own version of “Flat Stanley”with a “Flat Martin Luther.” The plan is fill our large display case with photos of our members and mission partners out in the community, locally and globally! So, download the picture below and take Flat ML out to your garden, down to the City, to the Shore, on your vacation, on a mission trip, etc and send us a photo of you with Flat ML!

E-mail it to Laurie  Taylor Weicher, lweicher@waynepres.org, or to Janice Mack, gardengirl65@gmail.com, and we will put together a fun display showing where church members and mission partners spent their time this summer. This will be a family fun way to share with our church how you spent your summer.

Check these out!