Laurie Taylor Weicher

Laurie Taylor Weicher is our Minister for Education and Discipleship.  Laurie attended the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (Go Heels!) where she majored in journalism and graduated from Columbia Theological Seminary in Atlanta, GA in May 2005.   She is married to John Weicher,  a minister at Swarthmore Presbyterian. They have two sweet and wild and joyful little children.  

They moved to the Philadelphia area in 2005 for Laurie's big adventure to the north,  and soon felt very much at home.  Maybe it's that she became a big fan of the Phillies, or got over how bitter the tea was here, or feels a huge sense of accomplishment each winter she survives in Philly. Whatever it was she's delighted to work at this wonderful church getting to hear people's stories, hear what God is doing in their lives, and make them feel welcome here too.   

 Laurie can be reached at or 610.688.8700 ext 226.