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The Wayne Presbyterian Nursery School was founded in 1960 as a mission of the Wayne Presbyterian Church. It is a self- supporting, non profit institution providing a Christian atmosphere for preschoolers of the church and community while being sensitive to the diverse needs of the individual and parents in the fast pace of today's world.

 The school is licensed by the Department of Education of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania as a Private, Academic School. Wayne Presbyterian Nursery School welcomes children from two and  a half years of age through age five. A staff of 20 caring certified teachers provides a warm supportive environment for both parent and child. Joy in learning comes from a sense of self-worth. Emphasis is placed on nurturing the child's self-confidence, imagination, and creativity within this supportive and caring atmosphere. Children participate in "hands on" experiences, which aid in the development of their social, emotional, physical, and intellectual skills. Talented art, music and exercise teachers enhance the weekly program.

The school incorporates HighReach Learning, a research supported curriculum. Through this curriculum the children explore a well-rounded balance of learning experiences and many opportunities to develop important skills needed to be successful in school.

"WPNS" spells Wonder, Play, Nurturing and Song - a place where happiness abounds and friendships begin.

"Just for Twos" is a program designed specifically for young two year olds with an emphasis on Language Development, social/emotional development as well as Creative arts and expression.

For more information regarding registration and open houses, please contact the Director, Wendy Devlin, at 610-688-9696.

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