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seeking nominations for elders, deacons and stewards

The Nominating Committee of Session is currently welcoming nominations for Elders, Deacons, Stewards and next year’s nominating committee.  Should you be interested in one of these positions or if would like to nominate another member, please fill out the form found in the Connector at the reception desk.  Please drop off your forms in the Nominating Committee box (with the staff mailboxes at the end of the hallway behind the Sanctuary) or deliver them to one of the members of the Committee as soon as possible:  Vijay Aggarwal (chair); Whit Beverly, Susi Bruhns, Brian Clapp, Terry Kirkwood, Linda Kurtz, John Rosecky, Chuck Rueger, Carolyn Wallis or David Webster.  Nominations may also be emailed to Vijay Aggarwal at vijay@phasefwd.com.  If emailing a nomination, please do not forget to include the office for which the candidate is being proposed and any information about ways (formal or informal) in which the candidate has served the church throughout the years.   Thank you!


opportunity at The common place

Do you have a few hours on a late Sunday afternoon to help host a Fellowship hour at The Common Place? Assistance is needed after worship activities at The Common Place. By reaching out to various WPC groups and individuals, hopefully help can be found on an occasional basis without asking too much of any one person or group.The Common Place Worship experience is on Sundays at 5:00 p.m. followed by a fellowship hour. It’s a great “lively” service and lots of fun. Help is needed setting up food, coffee, etc. for the fellowship hour. Help is particularly needed on the “Big Sundays”, where once a month Cornerstone Sunday occurs when students perform a few songs, dances or skits. Families and friends show up so there is a fairly strong attendance.  Common Meal Sunday, on the last Sunday of every month, provides a meal to all in attendance at the fellowship after the service. Food will be provided so help is just needed with hosting. Please prayerfully consider helping this worthy cause. If you can spare a couple of hours on an occasional Sunday afternoon, contact Peter Grim at Pwgrim@comcast.net for details.




Career Networking Ministry

Aligned with Joseph’s People, this group meets the second and fourth Thursday of each month at Wayne Presbyterian from 7-9:00 pm.  Please join us at any meeting if you are looking for a job, need help networking or writing a resume, or are hopeful of making a career change. See www.josephspeople.org or www.bigtent.com for more information as well as for job searching resources. Any questions please contact Diane Merry at Diane.Merry@Jefferson.edu.