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We know that Sunday school teachers, pastors and youth leaders get all the glory when it comes to being the go-to people for faith formation of our youth. However, the reality is that YOU are the most important person in your children's faith development! From birth through adolescence (even though they may not admit it!), your kids are looking to you to make sense of this world and figure out who they are. We want to empower you, as your family's primary source faith formation, to actively nurture your children's relationship with their Creator. We provide many resources to help you on your Christian journey, including:

  • Parent classes throughout the year, led by professors, pastors, faith leaders and parents to help give Christian parents important tools, guidance and support.
  • Parent blog to deliver ongoing messages of encouragement, ideas, actionable advice and support.
  • Sunday School summaries that provide information regarding what your teen has been learning in middle school or high school Sunday School. Use these documents to continue faith discussions at home.
  • Some thoughts on Why is faith important to families?
  • Parent events to bring everyone together once in awhile for informative discussions or just get to know and support each other.
  • Links to mental health resources
  • Links to helpful resources here at our church and in our community.

If there is more we can do to support you as a parent, please don't hesitate to reach out to Andrew or Sarah Hostetter: or