Whether it’s Sunday morning Adult education, a mid-week Bible study, or a weekend outing—there’s a place for you. Our Adult Ministries are typically either educational or social.  Sunday morning Adult Education classes and weekday Bible studies meet September through June.  Events and programs for Fellowship happen throughout the year.


Most Adult Education classes are offered at 9:30 am Sunday mornings.  Classes are open to both adults and youth and feature several choices each week, including Bible study, parenting skills, social justice issues, and Presbyterian polity and creeds.  There are also special classes offered at various times during the year.  Upcoming classes include the following:

Parables of Jesus

Sunday mornings, 9:30am, Knox Room, January 7 - May 20 (Easter and One Book One Church weeks excepted)

Dr. Joe Modica, Eastern University Chaplain and Wayne Presbyterian’s “Scholar in Residence,” continues a series on the Parables of Jesus.  He offers a study of Jesus’ parables seen through a Jewish lens using Amy-Jill Levine’s Short Stories by Jesus.

Celebrating Black History Month

Sunday mornings, February 25 and March 4, 9:30am, Fireside Room
Join us as we welcome two incredible scholars and teachers.  February 25 we welcome Villanova Professor, Catherine Lanctot, to teach us about the life and impact of Thurgood Marshall.  March 4, we are joined by Jim Troutman, a retired professor at West Chester University and founder of the Frederick Douglas Institute.  Come learn about the legacy of Douglas and how he shaped the world. 

Presbyterian Creeds

Sunday mornings, Mar. 11 and 18, 9:30am, Fireside Room

Tim Pretz, WPC member and teacher at Palmer Theological Seminary, will teach a two week course on Presbyterian creeds.

Centering Prayer

Sunday mornings, 8:30 (Palm Sunday and Easter excepted), room 207

A time of Centering Prayer. Learn more about this ancient practice of drawing near to God in silence during this time.

Lent Dinners

For six Wednesdays during Lent there will be special events and classes.  At 6 pm on Ash Wednesday there will be supper served, followed by a worship service.  On five subsequent Wednesdays we have a 6 pm dinner followed by two different classes at 7 pm.  One class is a Bible Study on First John led by Pastor Casey Thompson, and the second is “Theology Goes to the Movies” led by youth directors Andrew and Sarah Hostetter.

One Book, One Church

Sunday mornings, April 8 - April 29, 9:30am 

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For more offerings or information, check the church calendar.  

Make plans to attend adult education classes this semester and see where you encounter God and are inspired to grow in your faith! 

For more information contact Monique Chico, Administrative Assistant, or call 610 688 8700, 220.

AM Sunday Classes

We have a large selection of Sunday morning Adult Education classes and opportunities.  All are welcome to any of our classes.  

Current class schedule
  • Sundays at 9:30am: Series entitled "Short Stories by Jesus (The Parables of Jesus)". This is a 15-week series taught by Dr. Joseph B. Modica from Eastern University. For the Class Schedule/Outline, please click here.
  • Sundays at 9:30am: WPC Honors Black History Month.  Feb 18 & 25, Mar 4.  For more information, please click here.

Congregational Care

The Congregational Care Committee’s goal is to assist our family of faith to live our lives more abundantly as committed and maturing disciples of Jesus, our Lord. We envision and implement programs that serve the spiritual, emotional and practical needs that confront us along life’s journey.

Some of our programs include:

  • Marriage Preparation
  • Caregivers Support
  • PSAD (Parent Support for Anxiety and Depression)
  • Annual All-Church Retreat - Breakaway
  • Walking the Mourners Path

For more information, please contact Nancy Dever at nancydever@comcast.net


Our Fellowship Committee runs activities to bring people together. Some annual favorites include the All Church Picnic, the Ladies' Christmas Tea, a Chili Supper which precedes our annual meeting each year, art museum tours, Christmas at Longwood Gardens and the Phillies fireworks game. We also have several dinner groups that meet either in people’s homes or at a local restaurant once a month to every six weeks.  If you’re interested in one of these dinner groups, please contact Mary Lou Kendus.  All are welcome.  

Check the church calendar for the current schedule. 

Men's Ministry

Thursday Morning Men's Ministry (TM3) is an informal group that meets at 7:00 am each Thursday from September through June.

The morning begins with breakfast and fellowship followed by a 30 minute presentation from outstanding professors from Eastern University. We wrap up at 8:00 am, although the professors usually stay longer for fellowship and to answer questions.

If you are you looking learn more about history, the Bible, astronomy, philosophy, theology and a host of related topics this could be just what you are looking for.  The line-up of guest speakers will challenge your mind and fill your spirit.  Come for a morning or two or the entire series. You'll be glad you did.

For more information or to get on our email distribution list, please contact Wayne Presbyterian Church members Tim Pretz at tpretz@eastern.edu or Sal Ambrosio at sambrosio@tactix.com

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Check the church calendar for the current schedule.  

Ministry of Motherhood (MOMs)

Moms and kids have a special bond. In the midst of sippy cups and bottles, we are constantly dealing with thirst. We need to be refreshed daily in our role as a nurturer. We gain strength through Christ's living waters as we gather together. Ministry of Motherhood (MOMs) is a group designed for mothers of children school-aged and younger. We meet every Thursday morning from 9:30 - 11:15 am. This group is a wonderful way to meet other moms, share common experiences, participate in service to others, attend group discussions and enjoy activities with your child.

Check the church calendar for the current schedule.  

Visit our Facebook page, MOMs of Wayne Presbyterian Church

For more information contact Wayne Presbyterian Church member Liz Hackman: lizhackman@gmail.com.

Learn more about MOMs.

- Discussion

On the second and fourth Thursday of the month, MOMs is discussion-oriented. There is free childcare provided in the Nursery with a very qualified staff if you choose to use it. Some moms choose to keep younger babies with them during discussion and this is fine as well. It is a chance to share the challenges and victories of motherhood with other parents. We seek inspiration from each other through discussion, prayer and insight from group leaders, as we navigate the path of parenthood. We are a group committed to raising children in Christ’s love and care.

- Sprout School: Mommy & Me Class

On the Thursdays that MOMs is NOT held (1st, 3rd and 5th Thursdays of the month), parents with infants through preschool age are welcome to come join the fun in a parent/child class! We start with some open play, then move on to Bible stories, crafts, songs and snacks. It’s a Sunday School-like class to share with your child at whatever level they are able. The class meets from 9:30-11:15 am and is free. 

- Girls' Night Out

Once a month, leave the kids at home with Dad and head out for a refreshing evening with the girls. We meet at local restaurants around 8:00 pm (or whenever you can get away) for dinner, drinks, dessert, or simply a cup of coffee. We all need an evening out once in a while!

- Mission Projects

We do several Mission Projects throughout the year. Childcare is provided if needed. Projects can include putting together gift baskets for new moms in the church, making Valentine cards for church members in need of some love, and making pillowcases for ConKerr Cancer which brightens spirits of hospitalized children. 

One book, One Church

Online Academy

We currently offer two significant online courses in  our academy.  One is designed for the head, Confirmation for the Rest of Us, and one for the heart, The Habits of Faith.  Both head and heart are critical to developing a robust faith--one that is neither shallow nor lacking passion.  We are also pleased to offer a new book, Credo, that walks you through the Apostles' Creed.  A kindle version can be found here.

Confirmation for the Rest of Us

Each year we teach a beloved class that covers all of the basics of Christian theology and is often cited as a highlight of a person's experience at Wayne.  Unfortunately, that class is only available to 8th graders.  It's our confirmation class where young people explore what it really means to believe what we believe.

We decided to develop a confirmation class for the rest of us.  Drawing on seminary professors, our own dedicated teaching staff, other great teachers we know throughout the Presbyterian church, we've developed podcasts (33 of them) that cover all of the lessons you'd have in a year long confirmation class (about 20 minutes at a time).  

The lessons cover not only the essentials of Christian faith but the theological questions and discussions that take place around them as well.  Want to know what Christians have historically said about Creation?  That's lesson 3, part 1.  Want to know how many modern theologians tackle the question of science and creation?  That's lesson 3, part 2.  Want to understand that pesky doctrine of predestination?  Like God, we've got you covered (little predestination joke there!).  

The lessons are divided into three sections:  What we say about God (click here), What we say about Scripture (click here), What we say about faithful response (click here).  These pages also contain bios of our presenters and brief introductory material.

The introductory class taught by the Rev. Casey Thompson is here for your benefit:

If you would like all of the podcasts together without any introductory material or bios, you can find them here.  


The Habits of Faith

The Habits of Faith is a four-week study that combines spiritual disciplines (daily prayer, weekly worship, monthly service and yearly generosity) with insights from habits research to help people develop better faith habits to support their spiritual life.  The study can be done individually through the book and online guides or in a small group at Wayne Presbyterian taught by one of the pastors.  The class is strongly recommended for all new members--or for anyone curious about how to make prayer, worship, service or generosity a larger part of their life. 

The Book

This 90 page workbook provides a template for developing spiritual habits that can last a lifetime.  Systematically working through the book over a month, while using  the online prayer guides to supplement the experience, readers will learn four different types of prayer (Ignatian scriptural meditation, Centering Prayer, Lectio Divina, and the ACTS prayer) in about ten minutes a day.  Additionally, chapters on why and how we worship, serve and give provide potential Cue-Routine-Reward cycles to understand how to engage our brain in the development of these healthy habits.     

Download the pdf by clicking here or order the paperback by clicking here

The Online Prayer Guides

The online prayer guides--which are needed for self or group study--can be found here

The Classes

If you prefer an in-person experience, a four week series of classes covering the four types of prayer and the four spiritual habits is available three to four times a year.  Please contact Laurie by email or at 610.688.8700 ext. 226 to find out about the next class.  

Second Saturday Dinner Clubs

Looking for a way to meet new people?  Want to grow closer to your brothers and sisters in Christ?  Or maybe you want to try out a new recipe or share your amazing chocolate cake with others.  Whatever your reason, Second Saturday Dinner Clubs are for you!

Second Saturday Dinner Clubs are just that, groups of people from church who meet for dinner the second Saturday of every month.  The groups are typically about 8-15 people.  Most groups meet at a different house each week, where the host provides the main dish and other members provide side dishes.  These groups can provide great fellowship and connection.  They can be a place to share prayer requests and encourage one another.  We hope that you'll try one out and see how your life and faith are enriched!

Sign up now- Dinner Clubs are always forming

We hope you'll sign up by visiting the Second Saturday table in the connector on selected Sunday mornings.  Or  you can sign up  right now  by emailing Mary Lou Kendus.

A few Frequently Asked Questions:

I have children that I'd like to have join me for the dinner clubs.  Is that ok? 

Yes. When you sign up, you'll be asked if you'd like your children included in the group.  If you would like that, you'll be put into a group with other families with children.  If you are a parent and looking for a night out without your children, that's great too.  

My house is not very big.  Can I still be in a Dinner Club?

Of course!  Each group will decide their own structure.  If one person loves hosting, they can always host and the other members can bring sides or desserts.  If your group decides to rotate who will host, you can simply opt out and offer to bring a main dish to someone else's house.  Or you can offer to host in a warm weather month and have it be an outside gathering.  These groups are open to everyone and will work to make it work for you.

I'm sort of new here.  Do you think this would be a good way to get more involved?

It would be a perfect way to be more involved.  Our hope is that people who are new or people who have been here for a long time will join these groups and get to know new people.  Folks who have been in the groups before have said these groups turn into family.  They are a chance to be yourself, to meet new people, and to share your prayer requests with one another.  They are for folks who are singled or married, with or without kids, and people who are new here or not so new.  

Women's Bible Studies-Weekdays

Women's Bible studies are held on Wednesdays from September through May.  There are several studies to choose from.  Most classes start at 9:45 am. For early risers, some classes start at 6:45 a.m. No prior experience necessary, just a desire to further your spiritual growth with other women at Wayne Presbyterian Church. 

Check the church calendar for the current schedule.  

Click here to view the latest brochure.

Women in God's Service (WINGS)

WINGS is a group open to any women who worship at Wayne Presbyterian Church.  We study together, do mission work together, and enjoy each other's company.  In addition to Bible study, we hold seasonal women’s breakfasts with fantastic speakers, have an overnight retreat in February and offer special events throughout the year.  All of the women’s ministry events are designed to nurture your faith, serve others, and encounter God. These activities have the active participation of approximately 175 women. Your involvement in this group is important and welcomed as we seek to nurture our own faith and also extend our Christian love to others.

One particularly dynamic group is Ministry of Motherhood (MOM) for mothers of young children.  Get more detail about this group here.

Check the church calendar for the current schedule.  

Click here to view the latest brochure.