We have a large selection of Sunday morning Adult Education classes and opportunities.  All are welcome to any of our classes.  

Current class schedule


We have a large selection of Sunday morning Adult Education classes and opportunities.  All are welcome to any of our classes.  

Fall 2018 Wayne Presbyterian Church Adult Education Program

September 9:  Fall Kickoff, Chapel, 9:30 am.

Come meet and hear Wayne Presbyterian Church’s Associate Pastor Dr. Adam Hearlson, who will kick off our fall Sunday morning education programs.

Starting September 16:  The Book of Amos, Knox Room, 9:30 am.

Dr. Joseph Modica’s Bible Study this fall is the book of Amos.  This semester-long class will focus on the exegetical and theological issues surrounding Amos—one of the twelve Minor Prophets in the Old Testament. We will attempt to understand the book’s historical milieu, its narrative structure and the wise themes in it that can be appropriated today. Joe will be using J. A. Motyer’s The Message of Amos: The Day of the Lion as the guide for the course.  

The class begins September 16 and ends December 16, with breaks on November 4, when Joe will be away, and November 25, Thanksgiving weekend.  On November 4, the substitute class will be Minding Your Mind, discussing issues related to mental health.

September 16, 23, and 30:  Family Systems, Fireside Room, 9:30 am.

Drs. Tara Stoppa and Landi Turner will discuss family systems for three weeks.  This class will be focused on learning about the hallmarks of a healthy family.  We will look at individuals and relationships within the family, the system of the family as a whole, and the generational influences on both from a Christian perspective.

September 23 and 30:  East of Eden, Fireside Room, 11 am.

The first selection of the Wayne Presbyterian Church Book Club features John Steinbeck’s East of Eden.   The themes of love, loss, acceptance and conflicted family relationships mirror the Biblical story of Cain and Abel.  Dr. Anne Clarke Duncan will lead the discussion on September 23 and Janice Mack will facilitate on September 30.

October 7, 14, and 21:  Our Call to Care for Creation, Fireside Room, 9:30 a.m.       

This series will raise awareness of the serious environmental problems that face us and help us understand how we as a church and as individuals may be more responsible stewards of God’s Creation.  In addition, information will be presented regarding our church’s application to become a PC-USA Earth Care Congregation.

  • October 7:  Theology of Creation Care – Dr. Adam Hearlson
  • October 14:  God & Garden: Eden, Gethsemane, Farminary – Dr. Nathan Stucky, Director of Farminary Project, Princeton Theological Seminary
  • October 21:  Environmental Racism and Injustice in Southwest Philadelphia. Its Effects and Possible Solutions – Russell Zerbo, Clean Air Council 

October 21:  Science as a Christian Vocation, Fireside Room, 9:30 am.

Dr. Deborah Haarsma, the Presi­dent of BioLogos, a national Christian organization that seeks to har­monize science and Christian faith, will be leading a joint session with our youth group related to the subject of how we can believe in both Scripture and science.

October 28 and November 4:  Dr. David Bradstreet, Chapel, 9:30 am.

Dr. David H. Bradstreet, professor and chair of the Astronomy and Physics department at Eastern University, has been teaching science and faith to students of all ages for the past 42 years at Eastern.  He will be presenting what he hopes will be a new and invigorating way of interpreting Scripture which uses a refreshing look at how God loves us and does everything for us...everything.  This meme will be used to bring new insights into familiar Scripture.

November 4:  Minding Your Mind, Knox Room, 9:30 am.

A workshop designed to educate adults on basic mental health issues and how they impact daily life in the workplace, at home, and during interactions with others.  Minding Your Mind seeks to remove the stigma surrounding depression, anxiety, substance abuse, and self-harm.

November 11 and 18:  Mr. Rogers, Fireside Room, 9:30 am.

Dr. Tara Stoppa returns to present a two-part series on Fred Rogers.  We will learn from the timeless and deeply spiritual wisdom of Mr. Rogers. You may have seen the recent documentaries, but together let's dig deeper into the many lessons of life-long Christian Mr. Rogers, as we explore how we can learn to live and love well.