August 16, 2020 update

We are delighted to welcome our new Pastor for Congregational Life, Katy Shevel, who was elected today. Click here to learn more about Katy.


August 13, 2020 update

There will be a Congregational meeting August 16 immediately following the 9:30am on-line worship service.  The Congregational meeting will be held on-line via Zoom video conference.

If we have your correct physical mailing address, you should have received a Save the Date postcard with instructions on how to join the Zoom Congregational meeting.  This postcard was mailed to your address on file on August 3.  Didn't get the postcard?  Click here for instructions on how to join the meeting.

Next steps:



July 22, 2020 update

The APNC has selected a candidate for Associate Pastor, Congregatinal Life.  Session received the recommendation from the APNC at the regularly scheduled Session meeting, July 21, 2020.  Due to COVID19, this Session meeting was held via Zoom video conference. The next step in this process is to consult with the Presbytery Committee on Ministry.  Assuming there are no issues, there will be a Congregational meeting on Aug 16 immediately following the 9:30am live-streamed worship service.  More details on how we will hold this meeting along with the voting process will be forthcoming.


Executive Pastor, Richard Miller biography

For reference, the full APNC process and timeline: