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Reflections on Wayne Pres by Nancy Roberts

    January 01, 1968 | Our Member's Stories by Nancy Roberts

    A touching intergenerational and inspirational story.

    Reminiscences of Wayne Presbyterian

     By Nancy Roberts

    The Roberts family’s history with the Presbyterian Church began sometime in the 1800s.  By the early 1900s, they were well established at Overbrook Presbyterian Church in Philadelphia. 

    My husband Sam’s father was an Elder at Overbrook and Sam’s mother was head of the primary Sunday School.  As children, Sam and I were active there in the youth fellowship, participating as Mary and Joseph in the Christmas pageant. A foretelling of the future! 

    Sam and I were married at Overbrook, and our five children were baptized there.  We loved Overbrook, but after we moved to St. Davids the drive became too long.  We joined Wayne Presbyterian in the late 1960sl  Our kids loved the choir, Sunday School, and youth groups.  I participated as a choir mother.  We raised enough money to fund the first set of bells, the beginning of our beautiful bell choirs today. 

    My years at Wayne Presbyterian included serving as an Elder, a Deacon, a Stephen Minister, and participating in the Mission program. I also enjoyed attending the women’s Bible study each week, and the annual women’s retreat. 

    Sam served as an Elder, on the nominating committee and was very active in mission work--spending the night at the Church when we hosted homeless families.  He also wrote a history of our Church covering the years 1970-1995. 

    In the narthex, there is an Ushers’ table given during the Capital Campaign in honor of our children.  When my granddaughter and her family - the Mabe family - joined Wayne Presbyterian, I felt as if we had completed the circle of life! 

    Sam joined the heavenly chorus in 2009. My Parkinson’s disease keeps me from attending church in person.  However, the livestream service makes me feel as if I am in the pew.  It is a great blessing.  

    My prayers are with Wayne Presbyterian Church as it moves forward in the next 150 years.