Opportunities to Connect

Wayne Presbyterian Church is all about 'small groups'.  We've learned that joining a small group enhances the feeling of family and allows you to share your gifts of time and talent in support of the ministry of Christ.  Some of our key small group opportunities include:

  • Ministry & Small Group opportunities, please click here
  • Mission opportunites: For more information, please click here
  • Music opportunities: For more information, please click here
    • Wayne Oratorio Society: For more information, please click here
  • Wayne Presbyterian Parents: For more information, please click here


Current Service Opportunities :


Mitchell School

Reading partners and Library Aides at Mitchell School in SW Philadelphia, Wayne’s longtime CityLights partner. 
  • Reading Partners read with three children who need extra help, usually one at a time, once a week. 


  • Library Aides help children choose an appealing book, check the books out and in and help keep the library in order, usually twice a month. 


Carpooling is possible.   Thank you for helping to serve.




CityLights is looking for a grant writer to help search, write and secure grants for various partners in SW Philadelphia.  Much of this job can be done from home although building good relationships with these partners is important.   

For more information contact Susan Aggarwal 610 408 8157 or vnsagg@aol.com



Sherwood Soup Kitchen

Looking to Serve?  Consider serving lunch at Sherwood Soup Kitchen in SW Philadelphia.  This commitment is once a month or more if you choose.  Volunteers serve on Tuesdays or Thursdays from 10:30a returning by 2:30p.

For more information, contact Susan Aggarwal 610 408 8157 or vnsagg@aol.com



Not sure of which Small Group you'd like to learn about and hopefully join?

One way we have learned to listen to our members is via our Time and Talent survey.  Click here to go to the survey.  Feel free to check as many boxes as you like; Activities that you already participate in as well as those you would like more information about.  Once submitted, your information will be viewed by our Discipleship Committee for follow up with you as appropriate. 

Whether you're already a part of our family or coming through our doors for the very first time, we want you to find a place for learning, celebration and encouragement.

A place for you.  Welcome! 

For more information about our Time and Talent survey, or any other questions concerning Discipleship, please contact Liz Walton.