For over 20 years, Wayne Presbyterian Church has supported Cornerstone Christian Academy by providing bookbags filled with basic school supplies and a bible to each of Cornerstone’s nearly 200 K-8 students.

Cornerstone is an amazing home to young, faith-filled hearts – see for yourself in this touching 2 minute video  and check out some key facts about the school's success. 

This year more than ever we need your help to support our families at Cornerstone.    An important objective in this year's campaign is to provide bookbags which will endure the active student lifestyle for the full school year!  Your donation of $75 would enable us to equip one (1) student with a high quality bookbag and all the basic school supplies for the upcoming school year.  Donations will be accepted through Aug 15.

As tensions are high in many underserved communities these days, it becomes increasingly important that we demonstrate our recognition that we are all part of this human puzzle, and that helping our neighbors' children is an important part of who we want to be!

Thank you for your generous donation.  

For more information or for any questions, please email WPC Deacon, John Larkin

The Deacons & the WPC staff



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