Davidson Education Building

UPDATE - Aug 28.  All remediation and restoration work is complete.  Room 303 waiting on new wall to wall carpet to be selected and installed.  Area rugs for 304, 305 and 306 are being selected and purchased.

UPDATE - Aug 31.  All remediation and restoration will be completed by end of dayAug 31.  Furniture should be placed back in appropriate rooms by end of day Sep 4.  Rms 303, 305 and 306 require new carpet.  Once carpet choices are comfirmed by Kelli and Dana, order will be placed and expected delivery date will be communicated.  Rms 305 & 306 are fully functional without new carpet, Rm 303 is not functional until new carpet is installed.

Aug 13, 2018.  Due to significant rainfall in a short amount of time, the city of Wayne experienced flash floods and general stormwater managment issues.  Water damaged the 3rd floor and portions of the 2nd and 1st floor of the Davidson building.  Remediation and Restoration projects began immediately.  Current estimate is have all restoration projects complete by Aug 31 end of day.  Upon completion, all areas of the building that were affected will be dry, treated with a plant-based microb inhibitor, replastered and repainted as needed.  Room 303 wall to wall carpet will be removed and replaced.  Other area carpets on the 3rd floor that were affected will be removed and replaced.  

Any questions relating to this work, please contact the Property Committee or Neil Hartman.

Play Deck

Feb 1 2019 - A project has been approved to completely remove and replace the damaged roof that supports the entire play deck.  This project will include removal of all the current play deck equipment, removal of the rubber materials on top of the roof and repairing any structural issues with the roof.  A new roofing system will be installed and a new play deck will be built.  Project is expected to be completed by end of Aug 2019.

August 13 2018 -  Due to the Wayne PA area significant rain and resulting city-wide flooding,  the church experienced water intrusion issues.  The play deck roof along with the main roof of the Davidson Education building, while not showing obvious issues, are being inspected to determine how water entered both the Davidson building and Rm 209 (under the play deck).

June 6, 2018 - The ceiling in Rm 208/209 is directly under the Play Deck.  Over the years, this Play Deck roofing system has experienced a variety of issues, mostly resulting in water penetration to the ceiling in Rm 208/209.  This summer, we are taking another attempt to understand the root cause of the water penetration to Rm 208/209.  The current thinking is that during heavy, prolonged rains (or large amounts of snow), the water on the Play Deck cannot drain fast enough and therefore, the water level rises to above the flashing on the roof.  This allows water to penetrate the building and find its way to the ceiling in Rm 208/209.  We will be investigating this theory during the summer months.  Based on what we learn, appropriate modifications to the roofing system will be made.