The office of Deacon as set forth in Scripture is one of sympathy, witness and service. Given authority for congregational care, Deacons are elected for three-year terms to be the caring heart and arms of Wayne Presbyterian Church.  For more information about all the ministries our Deacons lead, please click here.
Rev. Dr. Anne Clark Duncan (
Deacon Board Moderators
Chuck Rueger (
Youth Deacons

Grace Penske

R.J. Wheeler

Class of 2018
Kevin Blackney
Lynn Clouser
Jim Galasso
Janet Haufler Cheryl McBrearty Eric Meneely
Sue Metzger Michael Packer Chris Poulos
Sean Pulsifer Steve Smith Laura E. Sullivan
Dorcas Thompson 



Class of 2019
Beth Brake James Barnes Scott Craig
Tom Evans Lani Fabere Ellen Greene
Jennie Hagin Sue Ellen Larkin Jim Martin
Frank McPherson Diane Merry Bill Montgomery
Bill Nirmaier Liz Precious  


Class of 2020
Diana Bacci
Nancy J. Barnes
Todd Cameron
Suzanne Corry
Bill Gillespie
Mary Hodge
Linda Kurtz
John Larkin
Sue Rink
Chuck Rueger
MaryEllen Smith
Debbie Vogel
Lee Vogel
Tim Zaro
Class of 2021
Whit Beverly Kathy Snider Broll Weezie Duff
Becky Greenhow Sara Grim Janet Haufler
Jill Keefer-Hugill Carolyn Lolli Anne McCraary
Sue Metzger Michael Packer Ian Roberston
Lynne Samson