How did we get here?

In early 2019, Session voted to change our Pastoral leadership model from a Senior Pastor and Associate Pastor(s) to a Senior Pastor, Executive Pastor and Associate Pastor(s).  Why did we decide to do this?

Due to retirements and promotions, our church is looking to hire new Pastors.  As part of the PCUSA process to hire a Pastor, a first step is to complete the Congregation Mission Study.  This study is a documented process intended to take a snapshot of the congregation's perspective on the current state of the congregation and the future desired direction for the church.  This provides some guidelines for the skills required for the new pastor(s) to help our congregation realize its goals.

Our Congregation Mission Study process provided data that we used for the next part of the process, creating an Associate Pastor Nominating Committee charged with creating job descriptions, finding, interviewing and recommending new pastor(s).  The Congregation Mission Study process also showed us that our current, long standing pastor leadership model could be holding us back from realizing our full potential.  Leading the day to day operations of the church as well as the spiritual direction of the church suggests two different skill sets.  With many hours of discernment, including reaching out to relevant church consultants, and gaining approval from the Philadelphia Presbytery,  Session made the decision to implement the leadership model of a Senior Pastor, Executive Pastor and Associate Pastor(s).  While this is new to us, this is an existing model other Presbyterian churches.  The Senior Pastor remains in charge of the entire church with a primary focus on spiritual direction.  The Executive Pastor runs the day to day operations of the church.  Associate Pastor(s) are focussed on their assigned ministries.

For more information, please feel free to contact our Senior Pastor Casey Thompson, our Elder for Personnel Brian Clapp, the leader of our Associate Pastor Nominating Committee or the leader of the Congregation Mission Study committee, Mark Fabere.  You can find a full listing of our leadership here.