“Love Your Neighbor” Video Series

Sometimes it’s hard to love your neighbor. Thankfully, our Presbyterian faith gives us some help with that. In the Presbyterian Church, we believe that loving your neighbor is not merely a command; it is the very essence of who we are. Over the course of six weeks, Rev. Katy Shevel will be leading us in a video mini-series called, “Love Your Neighbor.” Videos will be posted to our website and to Wayne’s Facebook page on Wednesdays, starting Wednesday Nov. 4th. Together we’ll explore a range of Reformed and Presbyterian perspectives: from the 16th century Reformation, to the liberation movement countering South African apartheid, to current feminist and womanist voices in the United States. In these divisive times, may we be renewed in our call to love one another and to our commitment at Wayne Presbyterian Church to be a School for Love.




Katy's reading list:

Native: Identity, Belonging, and Rediscovering God by Kaitlin B. Curtice.

Black and Reformed: Apartheid, Liberation, and the Calvinist Tradition by Allan A. Boesak

The Tenderness of Conscience: African Renaissance and the Spirituality of Politics by Allan A. Boesak

"Glorious Creation, Beautiful Law" by Serene Jones (essay)

"The Graced Infirmity of the Church" by Amy Plantinga Pauw (essay)