Major Renovation Plans - fyi

The intent of this section of our website is to provide information on significant facility rennovation projects currently in the planning and/or execution stages.  Typically, the funds for these types of major projects come from Dedicated donations and Capital campaigns.   The recent 1st floor Women's and Men's bathroom remodel project is a good example of major project implemented by the Property Committee.

For more information on the Property Committee, please contact Chair, Weezie Duff.

Fireside Room


UPDATE Aug 31.  Work is complete.  Waiting on new furniture to be delivered.

July 26 2018 - UPDATE.  Work will begin July 26 and is expected to be completed by Aug 31.  Plans are posted on the Fireside Room doors.


June 6 2018 - The last Capital Campaign included refreshing and refurbishing the Fireside Room.  The goal and intent of this work is to make it a more flexible, high quality conference room as well as maintaining the ability to use the room for family purposes during memorial services.  Full plans for this work will be posted once plans are finalized.  Goal is to complete this work during the summer months.


Chapel Steps


May 2018 - The last Capital Campaign included funds for the restoration of the outside steps to the Chapel.  This entry/exit to the Chapel also serves as a designated fire exit, and therefore, in conjunction with this restoration project, a discussion on where to store tables and chairs for the Chapel has also begun.  The most recent estimate for completion of the outside steps is end of month, August.  The original steps have been removed and repaired / refurbished.