On April 19,2019, the APNC began the search for both an Executive Associate Pastor (EP) and an Associate Pastor for Education and Discipleship (Program Pastor, PP).  The first major task was the creation of two MIFs ( Ministry Information Forms).  These detailed job descriptions were crafted using information gleaned from the 2018 Mission Study, the Staffing Task Force, and the Pastor job descriptions developed by the Personnel Committee.

Once competed and approved by both Session and the Presbytery’s Committee on Ministry (COM), we posted the MIFs on the Presbytery Church Leadership Connection (CLC) recruitment platform. We also contacted leading divinity schools, reached out to members of our extensive clergy network and to you, our congregation and friends, for names of possible candidates to pursue.

Interested applicants for both positions submit there resumes in the form of Personal Information Forms (PIFs). So far, we’ve reviewed 162 PIFs.

The Committee constructed a rubric, or weighted-grading system to carefully consider the skills and gifts of the applicants. Both the EP and the PP positions have specific rubrics. This process enabled us to develop a short list of PIFs in both categories.

The Committee begins the research phase once a potential candidate reaches the short list. We conduct a media-wide “deep dive”, listen to sermons, and contact references to get an even better sense of an applicant. The interview phase consists of three parts: a conference call, Skype and an in-person meeting.

Once the APNC has reached its decision, the candidate must be approved by the Committee on Calls and Credentials. Session then calls a Congregational Meeting for a vote on the candidate.

On January 26, 2020, the Wayne Presbyterian Church congregation approved the call of the Rev. Dr. Richard E. Miller to the position of Executive Associate Pastor.

Dr. Richard Miller has 34 years of pastoral experience. He received a Master of Divinity degree from Princeton Theological Seminary and a Doctor of Ministry degree from Dubuque Theological Seminary.

 He has served as Head of Staff, Executive Associate Pastor, Associate Pastor for Administration and Education, Solo Pastor and as Associate Pastor to Youth, Young Adults and Families. He has experience in both large and small church settings as well as urban, suburban and small church environments.

The best way to describe Dr. Miller, other than his keen sense of humor – he is first and foremost a listener. This has caused him to be patient and intentional when working with staff and leadership. His management style is collaborative – he endeavors to build trust and respect among team members.

Serving several large churches taught Dr. Miller how to quickly assess an organizations strengths and weaknesses. Yet, he realized the need to slow down and listen more carefully to the spiritual, social and emotional life of the members. Dr. Miller tries to match people’s spiritual gifts to the tasks at hand. It is  important, he feels, for keeping the congregation engaged in the ministry of their church.

Over the years, he has dealt with million-dollar budgets, conflict resolution, staff turnover and staff building, fund raising,  and vision consultants.

He is also a deeply spiritual and relational leader with a depth of experience in preaching, pastoral care, worship leadership and teaching.