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Suicide Prevention Awareness - Take Action

Matt Mabe (adapted from 9/29/19 minute for mission)

At this moment, America is in the grip of a national crisis. 
It is a crisis of culture and community, of spirit and purpose. 
And it does not discriminate. 

I'm talking about suicide. 

In the last 20 years, suicide rates in this country have increased more than 30%. 
And they continue to rise. 
Of course, the causes of suicide are many and complicated, and solutions are tricky. 
Sometimes the problem can seem too big. 

Sunday, October 6 at 11am, there will be a class here at Wayne Pres covering the issue of suicide
What you should know about the causes and signs,
And how to handle situations when someone you know is at risk. 

But for today, I just want to deliver a simple message: There is hope. 

Most of you know of someone who has taken his or her own life. 
Many of you have lost a close friend or loved one to suicide at some point. 
If you know someone else who is struggling right now, someone you’re really worried about... 
Then don’t wait. 
Reach out. 
Don't avert your eyes and pray that the situation will resolve itself. 
Reach out. 
Be a Lifeline. 

Some of you may have considered suicide yourselves. 
You may be today. 
If that is the case, I am here to remind you that you are not alone. 
This church is your family. 
We are your brothers and sisters in Christ. 
We will help you get help. 

Nancy Dever and I are available with resources to share and an eagerness to listen. 
All our pastors here at Wayne Pres are here to support you, too, as always 

If you or someone you know is struggling, please, don’t wait another day. 

There is no pain so great, no predicament so insurmountable, that it cannot be overcome by love. 
So let's talk about this problem openly. 

Let’s prove we truly are a School for Love.