S. Weir Mitchell School

5500 Kingsessing Avenue
Philadelphia, PA 19143

This public school, situated in the heart of the Kingsessing community in Southwest Philadelphia, serves local students in Kindergarten through 8th grade.  Through volunteer service and funds, WPC has enhanced the playground, school library, staff room, auditorium lighting, and educational programs. 

WPC Liaisons:
Jane Beatty | 610.688.7529 | jnbeatty@verizon.net 
Rita Fisk | ritahfisk@gmail.com
Marsha Irvin | lmirvn23@comcast.net


Mitchell School - Ways you can help

Reading Partners read with three children who need extra help, usually one at a time, once a week. 


Library Aides help children choose an appealing book, check the books out and in and help keep the library in order, usually twice a month. 


Carpooling is possible.   Thank you for helping to serve.


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