Thank you for coming online to pay for the Montreat High School Conference July 14-20, 2019.

What is Montreat?

Montreat is a youth conference for youth with all the fun, seriousness, challenge, creativity, silliness and joy that is similar to having youth group every day! Youth will have a chance to grow in faith, meet new friends and have a ton of fun! Your youth will also be able to engage with youth all over the country by participating in small groups, will have a blast at their recreation events, and will be moved in the spirit through their awesome worship services and keynotes.  There is great ice cream, fun energizers (think Presbyterian electric slide), free time where you can play frisbee, get ice cream, try to beat Andrew in a board game, go on a walk, and more.

Who can go on Montreat?

Montreat is for any youth who completed 8th grade through those who graduated from 12th.

What is the cost?

Depending on when you sign up your price will vary, based on rate increases on later dates by the conference center:

Pay by:            January 13 - $810*

                        February 17 - $820*

                        March 17 - $830*

                        April 7 - $840*

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