Thank you for coming online to pay for New Wilmington Mission Conference!

What is NWMC?

NWMC is shaped in a way that moves students toward introspection, community, missional understanding, worship, and mission in action, all while providing an exciting environment where relationships can be developed. The community that is formed as students live, grow, and learn together is a place of discipleship, worship and fun! For many high school participants, this program becomes one of the most valuable and transforming weeks of their summer, and many want to come back year after year.

This conference is open to people of all ages: children, youth, adults!

What is the cost?

Cost - $600* - single participant, and transportation included

          $450* - single participant, but no transportation included

Included in the price is: Conference fees, room and board, transportation fees, and more. 

* Note – This is the maximum price you will pay.  Should prices decreased based on attendance, or transportation discounts, we will refund families the extra amount.

We will need vans for the week to go to NWMC.  Any family that donates a van for the week will get a $200 discount on their trip, and all gas will be paid for!  Also, if your family comes with 4 or more members, there is a nice discount.  If you want to hear more about this, please contact Andrew.


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