We currently offer two significant online courses in  our academy.  One is designed for the head, Confirmation for the Rest of Us, and one for the heart, The Habits of Faith.  Both head and heart are critical to developing a robust faith--one that is neither shallow nor lacking passion.  We are also pleased to offer a new book, Credo, that walks you through the Apostles' Creed.  A kindle version can be found here.

Confirmation for the Rest of Us

Each year we teach a beloved class that covers all of the basics of Christian theology and is often cited as a highlight of a person's experience at Wayne.  Unfortunately, that class is only available to 8th graders.  It's our confirmation class where young people explore what it really means to believe what we believe.

We decided to develop a confirmation class for the rest of us.  Drawing on seminary professors, our own dedicated teaching staff, other great teachers we know throughout the Presbyterian church, we've developed podcasts (33 of them) that cover all of the lessons you'd have in a year long confirmation class (about 20 minutes at a time).  

The lessons cover not only the essentials of Christian faith but the theological questions and discussions that take place around them as well.  Want to know what Christians have historically said about Creation?  That's lesson 3, part 1.  Want to know how many modern theologians tackle the question of science and creation?  That's lesson 3, part 2.  Want to understand that pesky doctrine of predestination?  Like God, we've got you covered (little predestination joke there!).  

The lessons are divided into three sections:  What we say about God (click here), What we say about Scripture (click here), What we say about faithful response (click here).  These pages also contain bios of our presenters and brief introductory material.

The introductory class taught by the Rev. Casey Thompson is here for your benefit:


The Habits of Faith


The Habits of Faith is a four-week study that combines spiritual disciplines (daily prayer, weekly worship, monthly service and yearly generosity) with insights from habits research to help people develop better faith habits to support their spiritual life.  The study can be done individually through the book and online guides or in a small group at Wayne Presbyterian taught by one of the pastors.  The class is strongly recommended for all new members--or for anyone curious about how to make prayer, worship, service or generosity a larger part of their life. 

The Book

This 90 page workbook provides a template for developing spiritual habits that can last a lifetime.  Systematically working through the book over a month, while using  the online prayer guides to supplement the experience, readers will learn four different types of prayer (Ignatian scriptural meditation, Centering Prayer, Lectio Divina, and the ACTS prayer) in about ten minutes a day.  Additionally, chapters on why and how we worship, serve and give provide potential Cue-Routine-Reward cycles to understand how to engage our brain in the development of these healthy habits.     

Download the pdf by clicking here or order the paperback by clicking here

The Online Prayer Guides

The online, audio prayer guides--which are needed for self or group study--can be found here

The Classes

If you prefer an in-person experience, a four week series of classes covering the four types of prayer and the four spiritual habits is available three to four times a year.  Please contact Mary Lou Kendus by email or at 610 688 8700, 212 to find out about the next class.