Andrew Hostetter

Director of Youth Ministries

Youth and Young Adult Ministries

Andrew Hostetter is the Director of Youth Ministries, which is a more official way of saying that he gets to hang out with middle school students and share Jesus with them. He graduated from Eastern University in 2009 with a degree in Youth ministry and has been working here at Wayne Presbyterian Church ever since. He is now married to, and working with, his best friend Sarah who is a constant source of joy and encouragement.

While youth ministry is his passion, he also enjoys entering into intense games of Settlers (and most other board and card games), doing most outdoor activities, reading a wide range of books, and getting to spend time with his family.

If you were to ask him what his favorite part of his job was, he would probably say: “Getting to see God open the hearts of our youth.” He would also mention that watching them dig candy out of a bowl full of pudding using only their mouth also ranks pretty high on the list.