Sarah Hostetter

Associate Director of Youth Ministries, Director of Mission, Pastoral Intern

Mission, Youth and Young Adult Ministries

Sarah Hostetter is the Associate Director of Youth Ministry. She graduated from Eastern University in 2011 where she majored in English as a Second Language and minored in Missions. Growing up in a missionary family, she felt called to the mission field at a very young age. When she was six her dream job would have been to hug children in Africa. This has developed into a desire to walk alongside youth as they embark on their faith journey. Sarah loves this job because she feels as though God has led her into this mission field to disciple our spiritually hungry teens.

She got married to her best friend Andrew Hostetter in August 2011 and is excited to work alongside him in this youth ministry program.

When Sarah is not working with youth, she enjoys beating her husband at Settlers of Catan, running, picnics at Valley Forge Park, playing lawn games, spending time with family, traveling, moving furniture, Pinterest, singing in the car, studying languages, trying new recipes, and most recently playing wedding planner with close friends.

Sarah’s favorite hobby is building relationships with people. She enjoys anything that involves making connections and learning about people’s lives. This is what excites her most about working at Wayne Presbyterian Church, meeting a lot of people, and being allowed to talk for a living.