Parents, we know that Sunday school teachers, pastors, and youth leaders get all the glory when it comes to being the go-to people for faith formation of our youth.  The reality is though that YOU are the most important person in your child's life!  From birth through adolescence (even though they may not admit it!), your kids are looking to you to make sense of this world and figure out who they are.  We want to empower you, as your child's primary source faith formation, to actively nurture your child's relationship with their Creator.  

We are still working on the various ways we hope to do that, but we will be starting with:

  • A Parenting Blog - Parenting is hard.  So much to do and balance, and our teens are ever changing.  Because of this, we put together a blog where people will post blog entries on a variety of topics parents should find helpful: mental health, sports, talking about faith, going off to college, and lots of other topics.  Through this blog we hope to encourage you in your parenting, make space to learn from eachother, and have a place for parents to discuss topics of parenting together.  Click here to check it out - WPC Parents Blog
  • Parent sunday school classes - several times throughout the year there will be sunday school classes offered for parents on a wide array of topics around christian parenting.
    • click here to see the various adult ed classes we have planned this year: Adult Ed.
  • Youth Sunday School Review - this year we are rolling this out for our middle schoolers.  If you click the link on the side of your screen, you can find resources to help you continue faith discussions with your middle school teen.  For each sunday school class, we share with you a short description of the class, the passages we read together, and give you some ideas of ways you all could continue discussing the topic together as a family to bring that faith discussion home.
  • Parent Discussions - Periodically throughout the school year there will be evenings we will invite parents to get together, order a drink and food, and talk about different challenges facing their lives as parents.  They will cover different topics each time they meet, and hope to learn from eachothers successes and failures. 

There is more that we are hoping to do in the coming months, but if there is more we can do to support you as a parent, please don't hesitate to reach out to Andrew or Sarah Hostetter: or