Worship Hours - Prgram Year ( September through early June)

Program year 2018 -2019 begins Sunday Sep 9 2018.

We worship at 8:30, 9:30 and 11am during the program year (September through early June). The 8:30am service is forty-five minutes and features our quartet.  The 9:30am service lasts about an hour and features our full choir.  The 11am service is more relaxed,  lasts about an hour and features a variety of music and choirs.  

Education Hour

At 9:30am, our children gather for Sunday school.  During that hour, adults have a number of options for education or are welcome to attend the 9:30 worship service.  Some Mission education pieces are hosted during the 11am hour.


Everyone is invited to gather, get caught up with eachother and join us for coffee and snacks between any of the worship services.  You'll find us in the Connector or the Chapel (they're right beside each other) depending on where the adult education classes are meeting that day.

For a glimpse of our schedule during the week, please visit our calendar