The second portion of Confirmation for the Rest of Us considers a scholarly and reformed understanding of scripture, both in the old and new testaments.  For the first portion, which explores the triune God, click here.

How to Read Scripture

Rev. Casey Thompson, pastor at Wayne Presbyterian church, explores a historic reformed understanding of scripture and suggests another way of reading it for those who are troubled by modern sensibilities.  


The Old Testament

Cameron Howard is assistant professor of Old Testament at Luther Seminary in St. Paul, Minnesota.  Her two podcasts are produced in cooperation with Luther Seminary’s Enter the Bible podcast.  More of her work and thought can be discovered at  Her first lesson covers an introduction to the Old Testament while her second provides a whirlwind tour through the content of the material. 

Rev. Casey Thompson offers a closer look at the portion of the Old Testament held in greatest esteem by reformed Christians, the Ten Commandments.  


The New Testament

Stan Saunders is a professor of New Testament at Columbia Theological Seminary.  He is the author of The Word on the Street: Performing the Scriptures in the Urban Context.  In his three lessons (each divided into two podcasts), he provides frameworks for considering the scriptures in their historical contexts.  In his first lesson, he considers what constitutes a gospel (part 1) and then briefly explores what makes each one distinct (part 2).

The Gospels


Paul and His Letters

In the first half of the lesson, Dr. Saunders considers what we know about the apostle Paul.  In the second half, he raises five questions to help us think about Paul's work.


Everything else

In his final lecture, Dr. Saunders considers the general epistles--those not written for a specific occasion--and then explores the meaning of Revelation in the second podcast.  



For the final segment of Confirmation for the Rest of Us, the response of the church, click here.