Beginning this fall, sign up today!

Looking for a way to meet new people?  Want to grow closer to your brothers and sisters in Christ?  Or maybe you want to try out a new recipe or share your amazing chocolate cake with others.  Whatever your reason, Second Saturday Dinner Clubs are for you!

Second Saturday Dinner Clubs are just that, groups of people from church who meet for dinner the second Saturday of every month.  The groups will be about 8-15 people.  Most groups will meet at a different house each week, where the host provides the main dish and other members provide side dishes.  These groups can provide great fellowship and connection.  They can be a place to share prayer requests and encourage one another.  We hope that you'll try one out and see how your life and faith are enriched!

Sign up now- Dinner Clubs are always forming

We hope you'll sign up by visiting the Second Saturday table in the Connector on selected Sunday mornings.  Or  you can sign up right now  by emailing Mary Lou Kendus.

A few Frequently Asked Questions:

I have children that I'd like to have join me for the dinner clubs.  Is that ok? 

Yes. When you sign up, you'll be asked if you'd like your children included in the group.  If you would like that, you'll be put into a group with other families with children.  If you are a parent and looking for a night out without your children, that's great too.  

My house is not very big.  Can I still be in a Dinner Club?

Of course!  Each group will decide their own structure.  If one person loves hosting, they can always host and the other members can bring sides or desserts.  If your group decides to rotate who will host, you can simply opt out and offer to bring a main dish to someone else's house.  Or you can offer to host in a warm weather month and have it be an outside gathering.  These groups are open to everyone and will work to make it work for you.

I'm sort of new here.  Do you think this would be a good way to get more involved?

It would be a perfect way to be more involved.  Our hope is that people who are new or people who have been here for a long time will join these groups and get to know new people.  Folks who have been in the groups before have said these groups turn into family.  They are a chance to be yourself, to meet new people, and to share your prayer requests with one another.  They are for folks who are singled or married, with or without kids, and people who are new here or not so new.