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Resources for Schubert: Mass in A-flat & Beethoven: Choral Finale (Sym. 9) 

     WRTI - Beethoven's Despair Spelled Out In A Famous Letter To His Brothers

     Schubert - Rehearsal Arts - Recommended Note Learning Tool

     Beethoven - Rehearsal Arts - Recommended Note Learning Tool

     Note Learning Help (Schubert) - CyberBass

     Note Learning Help (Beethoven) - CyberBass

     Recommended Recording - Schubert

     Recommended Recording - Beethoven

     The Correct Pronunciation of Latin According to Roman Usage

     Beethoven Pronunciation Practice (Audio File)

Singing Technique

     Singing Tips

     Posture for Singers

     Breathing Exercises for Singers

Rehearsal Plan for Tuesday, March 10

Mass: Sanctus / page 66
Mass: Osanna in Excelsis Deo / page 71
Mass: Benedictus / page 73
Mass: Osanna in Excelsis Deo / page 81
Mass: Agnus Dei / page 83
Mass: Dona Nobis Pacem / page 86

Sym9: Seid umschlungen / page 34
Sym9: Freude, schoener Gotterfunken / page 39
Sym9: Deine Zauber / page 51
Sym9: Seid umschlungen, Millionen! / page 55

Mass: Et Resurrexit Tertia die / page 51
Mass: Credo in Spiritum Sanctum Dominum / page 55
Mass: Confiteo unum baptisma / page 59