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August 18 update: With the increased rate of cases of the Delta variant, we are asking all congregants to mask while in the building for worship or other meetings. We hope to see you in-person at worship on Sunday and under the tent for fellowship after the service.

Singer Resources

Singer Resources

Resources for Singers

by Tim Evers on September 22, 2020

Rehearsal Plan for 9/28/2021:

page 69: The Lord is Great
page 91: Achieved is the Glorious Work
page 99: Achieved is the Glorious Work 2
page 33: Awake the Harp
page 42: The Heavens are Telling
page 109: By Thee With Bliss, O Bounteous Lord

Online Note Learning Resources:

https://www.chordperfect.com/joseph-haydn/  Human Singers
https://www.choraline.com/store/choraline-rehearsal-cds-and-mp3-files/haydn-the-creation-die-schopfung   Instruments Only & Must Purchase Files
http://www.cyberbass.com/Major_Works/Haydn_J/haydn_creation.htm   A little clunky interface but tried and true tool

Articles about Haydn's Creation


Tuesdays with Tim 

     Virtual Voice Lesson No. 1 with Melanie Sarakatsannis - Technique

     Virtual Voice Lesson No. 2 with Melanie Sarakatsannis - Vocalises

Singing Technique

     Singing Tips

     Posture for Singers

     Breathing Exercises for Singers


Miscellaneous Resources

   The Correct Pronunciation of Latin According to Roman Usage

     Beethoven Pronunciation Practice (Audio File)

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