Summer Youth Trips 2019

We are thrilled to tell you about our four summer trips we have this year!  Some of them are intergenerational, but others are strictly for youth.  

Guatemala Intergenerational Mission Trip - July 3-13, $2100

Montreat Youth Conference (high school only) - July 14-20, $810-$840

New Wilmington Mission Conference (Ingenerational) - July 19-26 - $600

A Common Mission Experience (Local Youth Mission Trip - July 28-August 3 - $450


To read more about these trips, check out their informational packets below:

To pay for any of these trips, please go to our Youth-payments page.  A payment page for the Guatemala trip will be added in January 2019.


Start your fundraising today for Montreat, NWMC, and ACME!  We will be doing letter writing.  To learn how, and to get all needed material, click these links:

Fundraising info

Sample support-letter

Donation stubs

Letter writing information ACME

Trip Insurance

Because refunds will not be given out, unless asked for before the refund date (see info packets for each trip), we are encouraging families to get trip insurance.  Contact Andrew and we can tell you about one affordable option we found.