Confirmation for the Rest of Us is divided into three major sections:  What we say about God, What we say about Scripture, How the Church Responds.  In this first portion, we'll address the Trinity, the God who is three-in-one.

The Trinity

Our second class is an overview of the Trinity, presented by Dr. Steve Boyer of Eastern University in St. Davids.  Steve is co-author of the book The Mysteries of God: The Theology for Knowing the Unknowable.  

The First Person of the Trinity

Martha Moore-Keish provides the three lectures on the First Person of the Trinity, the one we have traditionally called Father or Creator.  Dr. Moore-Keish is a professor of theology at Columbia Theological Seminary and has worked at Yale and for the Office of Theology and Worship for the Presbyterian Church (USA).  Her book, Christian Prayer for Today, can be found here.  In the first of three classes (each of which has been split into two podcasts), Dr. Moore-Keish helps us explore God the Creator.  Part 1 deals with our classical understanding.  Part 2 deals with some modern responses to the doctrine.

God, the Creator


God, the Provider

In this second class, Dr. Moore-Keish explores the doctrine of providence.  Part 1 provides an overview from biblical texts through John Calvin.  Part 2 considers reflections of providence from Calvin to the present day.  

God, the Elector

In her final class, Dr. Moore-Keish helps us understand the doctrine of election, which for presbyterians includes the concept of predestination.  Again, the class is divided into two podcasts.  The first podcast explains the classical doctrine.  The second asks "What's at stake when we talk about election?"



The Second Person of the Trinity

Rev. Casey Thompson, pastor of Wayne Presbyterian Church, provides the next three lectures, focusing on the Second Person of the Trinity, Jesus.  He follows Calvin's description of the three-fold office to reflect about Jesus the Prophet, Jesus the Priest (and sacrifice), and Jesus the King.  Casey also wrote the workbook for our other online class, The Habits of Faith.


The Third Person of the Trinity

Rev. Laurie Taylor Weicher, Pastor for Education at Wayne, teaches the final two classes covering the Third Person of the Trinity, the Holy Spirit.  In the first class, she focuses on the attributes and essence of the Spirit.  In the second class, she focuses on the work of the Holy Spirit. 

The second portion of the Confirmation for the Rest of Us class focuses on what we say about scripture.  Click here to access those podcasts.