Three Benefits of Sabbath for the Busy Family

A few months ago, I preached a sermon on why sabbath is a gift from God. In it, I invited the congregation to see sabbath less as a rigid prohibition than as a route to freedom. As our families continue to suffer under the weight of the many responsibilities, agenda items, practices, rehearsals, recitals, concerts, games and tournaments, I think sabbath might be just the type of commitment that can set us free. Specifically, I want to lift up three benefits of a sabbath practice for the busy... Read More
at Monday, August 27, 2018
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Encouraging Your Kids to Speak Up

Earlier this year, WPC held a Parent Education Series on the topic of how to help our youth talk about issues that are important to them. Experts from Speak Up!, a local organization that helps youth and parents develop the skills they need to talk about difficult topics, joined us for the first two classes to facilitate some powerful discussions. These classes were exceptionally well-attended, as parents looked for guidance on building a culture of open, honest communication in their... Read More
at Thursday, August 16, 2018
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