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Selfies and Self-Worth

“I look hideous in all of these photos.”  This was something that one of the girls in our youth ministry said about a series of group photos I had taken on one of our fall retreats. She, like the rest of the youth, wanted to inspect the photos of their fun I had snapped. Her comment struck me because it was so blunt. The way she talked about herself is how the Phantom of the Opera would have described himself.  This girl’s comment also struck me because I... Read More
Posted by Andrew Hostetter at Thursday, January 24, 2019
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Those Who Wait

Hi, I’m Rachel Donnelly, mother of three beautiful kids, and member of Wayne Presbyterian Church. This is a writing I did about the challenging season of life, and parenting, that I am currently in. Although it doesn’t give a new perspective on how-to-do parenting, I hope it does allow others to see how sharing our stories is so important. Being vulnerable is tough, especially for parents who are trying to keep it all together for our families. Being vulnerable as a parent... Read More
at Monday, December 10, 2018
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