Helping Your Family Grow in Faith -- Together

We are so excited to launch our first online resource that will help families grow in their faith together. This new WPC Parent blog will enable our online community to share issues, ideas and inspiration that can help us feel supported, equipped and empowered.

We hear from so many parents that faith is important to them, and they want their children to have a faith foundation, but our lives are so busy and our culture is just so demanding and distracting that we can’t always get to church. And the reality is that adolescent faith is largely determined by parents, who are asking – how do we do this?


Many studies indicate that churches need to do a better job helping parents build faith in their families. WPC is determined to help make this happen. Our church is committed to providing the support, resources and relationships to help parents and youth grow in faith together – sometimes virtually. When we can’t be at the church physically, the church can meet us where we are, with online tools to guide us on our journey. The blog is one of those tools!

Why a blog? Aren’t we already bombarded with too much information?

Yes. And that’s the point. Families today have too much information, too full schedules and too high expectations. We’re often too busy for dinners, too busy for church, too busy for reflection – too busy for God? No, not necessarily.


Our WPC community shares the challenges, frustrations, opportunities and joys that come with parenting in today’s culture. We also share a dedication to our faith. So let’s leverage our community to support one another as we solve the challenges, overcome the frustrations and find the peace and joy in a life of faith TOGETHER.

Our own church community has a special combination of:

  • Experts in counseling, medicine, parenting, theology, psychology, spiritual direction and many other areas
  • Parents who have been through every parenting, medical or emotional challenge
  • A non-judgmental, inclusive and welcoming community of supporters
  • A common foundation of faith

The blog will enable our community to share issues, ideas and inspiration that can help us all feel supported by our amazing church community.

This blog will provide:

  • Posts from church leaders to give us insight
  • Posts from parents to give us encouragement and ideas
  • Links to great resources providing professional direction and solutions
  • Practical, actionable information to help you build faith in your family
  • Follow-up conversations with parents who have guidance or questions

Sample topics:

  • Answers to questions about God, the Bible, adversity, relationships, growing up
  • How to support a culture of honest conversations in your family
  • How to develop faith discussions and practices at home
  • How to talk about difficult topics, such as violence, bullying, sexuality, relationships, peer pressure
  • How teenagers can stay connected to God to help them navigate the challenges of middle and high school
  • What (really) is Communion, Baptism, Confirmation and other elements of our faith
  • Emotional challenges like anxiety, depression
  • Dealing with doubt
  • What teenagers need most from us
  • Faith and science
  • Ideas for building everyday faith
  • Taking God with you on vacation
  • Practical tips on building faith in teens from those who have done it

Over time, the blog will provide a rich library of posts that can be a toolbox for your family’s faith development, and hopefully plenty of comments from parents who can add value to the conversation. We have awesome resources – and now we will share them with you wherever you are!

It certainly is ideal to be at church physically, to worship with each other in true community. But when we can’t be there, we can still feel supported and led in important ways. And when we CAN be at the church, we’ll feel all the more connected.


I recently heard a quote that resonated with me: “If Satan can’t make you bad, he’ll make you busy.” Our culture of busyness does indeed distract us from God’s presence and relationship with us. If we can’t find God in our lives – feel his presence, peace and guidance – then we can’t find life in God.  Let’s work together to help our families find God in life and life in God. It’s worth it.

Posted by Elizabeth Castleman at 8:00 AM
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