WPC Communications & Technology
Instructions to request use of WPC Zoom video call license

Can you use nonlicensed (free) Zoom account?  Use free if meeting duration < 40 min.  If you can use free, do not contact the church office. Set up the meeting yourself.  Visit https://zoom.us and follow prompts to create your own free account.


1.  If meeting duration >40 min, email the church office to schedule your call, email Lynne Eckman.  Include your meeting name ( ex Word Before Work ) Include your meeting date and time and expected duration.


2. You will receive an email with your meeting link & Host Key. You will need the Host Key in order control your meeting.  The link to your meeting  will look like https://zoom.us/j/123456789.  


3. To invite others to your zoom meeting,  Copy and Paste the link to your meeting  in your email to your invitees.