Wayne Presbyterian is celebrating our 15oth year.  The 15oth Committee is hard at work with planning.  All events, notices and opportunities for involvement will be posted here.

Committee members include: Jenna O' Nell, Susan Aggarwal, James Barnes, Janice Mack, Connie Beecher, Mark Fabere, Casey Thompson


Interested in helping with our WPC150 events?  Please let us know

Questions, please contact our Administrative Assistant, Monique Chico


A major goal of our WPC150 committee is to gather 'Stories of Wayne'.   What do we mean by this and how can you help?

WPC 150 Anniversary Events


School for Love

As our School for Love concept takes form, more content will be provided here.  For now, here's our 1st Edition of our School for Love 'Course Catalog'.  It is intended to provide a high level view of all the current activities going on at our church.  There are over 160 unique activities - all led by various committees from our congregation.  We've organized this catalog without using church-speak - The sections are Meeting People, Helping Others, Grow your Faith, and Support Functions.  There really is something for every type of personality. Take a look and we hope you feel comfortable to reach out and ask about any of these activities.  School for Love 'Course Catalog'

Speaker Series

Shane Claiborne - February 23.  Learn More & Video from WPC event

Katharine Hayhoe - April 26.  Learn More

Stories of Wayne

Alice Quay: Long time member's reflection on her faith

"Clara's Gift": An Act of Faith: Sermon

"A letter to Clara": Sermon:  A young girl who gave $1.53 to help build the current sanctuary

"1870 Dedication": Sermon: WPC current sanctuary dedication notes from Charles Wadsworth

Mr Zaro: Long time member and bible study teacher: Thank you letter from former student



Feb 23 Update: 

1) Mark Beecher is digitizing several historical documents which will help Anne Clark Duncan in her writing of our 25 year history 1996-2020. Buzz Mossholder provided three CDs (yes, they still exist) of digitized and enhanced pictures from our archives including pictures of our senior pastors over the years. Ted Behr is gathering stories of the positive legacies of our pastors of the past 25 years and Fred Tangeman of the Presbyterian Historical Society has invited Anne Clark Duncan and Mark Beecher to visit the PHS archives. 

2) Craig Stock, Ted Behr and Matt Mabe form our editorial team and will help edit stories and coach storytellers. Geoffrey Berwind will help integrate the stories music can tell.

3) Our Adult Education team will offer classes starting after Easter to which people can bring their stories, share them, and get help honing them. We will also train on how to capture stories from others.

4) Andrew and Sarah Hostetter want the youth to engage in story-telling this spring and Kelli Masters will engage children in storytelling this summer.

5) Our Deacons and others look forward to reaching out to members of the congregation to capture their stories.

6) Our Communications Committee is actively engaged in assessing options for capturing, archiving, and sharing stories throughout 2020


Community Outreach

More to come

History of Wayne

Planning is underway to curate past historical documents and pictures from our 125th anniversary and incorporate the last 25 years.  History of our Stain Glass, past Pastors and more.

Dedication of Memorial Windows

Current listing of historical archives

More to come.

WPC150 Celebration

More to come.  

Save the date Oct 24 2020