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August 18 update: With the increased rate of cases of the Delta variant, we are asking all congregants to mask while in the building for worship or other meetings. We hope to see you in-person at worship on Sunday and under the tent for fellowship after the service.



We meet on Sunday evenings from 6-8pm. This is a safe place to bring your questions.

by Austin Ricketts on August 16, 2021

Middle School and High School can be difficult times. And most of us just need a place that feels safe, a place where we can have fun. We like to kick back and play games: Mafia, Psychiatrist, some physical games, some board games, and many more.

And we know that difficult times can stir up difficult questions. This is a safe place to bring your questions.

God, Jesus, the Bible...these are huge topics, and a lot of questions come along with them. All of these questions are on the table. You can ask them! We can’t always promise an answer, but we can promise to ask the questions with you and do our best to look for some answers.

Starting this Fall, we’ll be working through the book of Ecclesiastes from the Bible. If there’s any writer of the Bible who’s not afraid to ask hard questions, it’s Qohelet–the author of Ecclesiastes.

So...come hang out with us!

We meet on Sunday evenings from 6-8pm. If you’re interested and would like more information, please contact Austin Ricketts: .

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