We are so excited you came online  to engage your middle school youth in their faith! We know that what your kids are being taught and exposed to at Church is important, but ultimately their family often is the primary source for their spiritual development.  So we wanted to help you engage your kids in faith discussions outside of church, so they can keep growing in their faith and knowledge of Christ even at home.

Each month listed below contains a brief description of each middle school sunday school lesson given that month, the Bible passages they studied, and some questions for you.  We hope you will read the summary and the Bible passages, and then sometime throughout the week have a conversation with your kids about the topics they learned about during the previous class.  Hopefully our questions will provide a good opening for you to have a meaningful discussion with them about our God, our faith, and our world.  

It is my firm belief that you need not be a Biblical scholar, or professional theologian to teach your kids faith in Christ.  The Bible is FULL of examples of God using everyday, ordinary people to do extraordinary things.  I am certain through persistent attention and care, and by God's grace, your efforts with your children will help them grow into mature men and women of faith.