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City Lights - The First 20 years

    November 13, 1990 | Our Member's Stories by Buzz Mossholder by John Galloway by Carey Davis

    “… over 20 years ago, Carey Davis answered the call to a Christ-like mission the size of a mustard seed. Starting small, very local, often one person at a time—then bringing together a few people gathered in the name of Jesus. She has reached and rallied scores of persons in Southwest Philadelphia and called countless more people from the suburbs to form new bonds, to find a new sense of what community means and to anticipate the Kingdom together in quite remarkable ways. We cannot begin to calculate the enormity of her more than two decades of service through CityLights—nor can we count the hundreds of persons who have found hope and heard a call through her ministry....”

    The Rev. Dr. John Galloway

    This book is dedicated to Carey Davis from those in Southwest and Suburban Philadelphia who together create a network that provides opportunities for organizations, institutions, and committed residents to connect with each other and to share resources, offer encouragement, ignite advocacy, and foster collaboration. We have tried to capture the many faces of CityLights over the last 20 years. These are the partnerships, the relationships, the people who reflect the ideas that Dr. Galloway has so eloquently stated. You have taught all of us whose lives have crossed your path, the value of living, working and caring for our neighbors.  Thank you Carey for your vision to join communities together for lasting change