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Advocacy for Social Justice


The Social Justice Advocacy Committee acts on our Christian call to stand up for the needs of those with limited voice and power in the world. We seek to identify and dismantle social forces and structures that contribute to poverty, racism, inequality, poor schools, homelessness, violence, injustice, and the despoiling of our planet, and we advocate for changes needed to move the world closer to the ideals of God’s Kingdom. 

In conjunction with the Adult Education Committee, we sponsor speakers who can help us all to understand better the social and structural problems that create social injustice.  We conduct letter-writing campaigns and visit the offices of our national and state leaders to advocate for change. With PC-USA’s Earth Care Congregation Program as our guide, we work with many other church committees and programs to ensure that respect and care for God’s Creation is a consideration in our operations and functions. Learn more about the Wayne Presbyterian Church Earth Care Program.

The current mission partners of the Social Justice Advocacy Committee are as follows: 

Bread for the World

A collective Christian voice urging our nation’s decision makers to end hunger at home and abroad.  Bread works in partnership with churches, universities, and other organizations to mobilize Christians to advocate for an end to hunger by 2030.  

The Rev. Eugene Cho, President/CEO of Bread for the World, 425 3rd Street SW, Suite 1200, Washington, DC 20024.

The Office of Public Witness of the Presbyterian Church (USA)

The Office seeks to translate the church’s deep convictions about justice, peace, and freedom into reality.  They engage national legislators and their staffs to help clarify the moral and ethical issues at stake in public policy decisions.

The Rev. Jimmie Ray Hawkins, Director, Office of Public Witness, 100 Maryland Avenue NE, Suite 410, Washington, DC 20002.

Heeding God’s Call to End Gun Violence

A local faith-based movement to prevent gun violence by working to deter illegal purchasing and trafficking of handguns.  Heeding God’s Call works to unite people of faith in the sacred responsibility to protect our brothers and sisters and to bring God’s vision of a peaceful kingdom to communities wracked with gun violence.  

Mr. Bryan Miller, Executive Director, Heeding God’s Call, 414 Barclay Road, Rosemont, PA 19010.

The Ministry of Public Witness of the PA Council of Churches

The ministry works to inform, educate, and empower people of faith on significant public issues.  They seek to build a more just society by advocating on behalf of the Council’s member church bodies.

The Rev. Sandy Strauss, Director of Advocacy and Ecumenical Outreach, Ministry of Public Witness of the PA Council of Churches, 900 S. Arlington Avenue, Suite 211A, Harrisburg, PA 17109-5024.