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Global Mission

Global Ministry Partners


Presbyterian Education Board – Pakistan 

The Presbyterian Education Board is an autonomous Board under the auspices of the Presbyterian Church of Pakistan and provides high quality education, fully informed by, and rising out of its Christian values and roots. The scope of the Board extends to 25 total schools including primary and secondary schools, higher education and vocational, professional and technical training for children regardless of race or creed. Wayne Presbyterian Churchhas supported the past construction of a new English-speaking medium-level (middle) school called Kinnaird Academy and currently provides sponsorship funds so needy girls can receive a quality education at Christian Girls High School – Martinpur.


Evangelical Theological Seminary of Cairo

The Evangelical Theological Seminary in Cairo (ETSC) was originally founded by Presbyterian missionaries in 1863 on a floating houseboat as missionaries sailed up and down the Nile visiting cities and villages to evangelize people and train leaders in the faith. Today, more than 150 years later, ETSC has grown to become the largest and most influential Protestant seminary in the Middle East. Its graduates serve not only within Egypt, but in all corners of the Middle East, where the Church is often in desperate need of pastors trained in a rigorous theological setting.

Wayne Presbyterian Church is proud to be a long-time supporter of ETSC’s mission, specifically supporting pastoral student sponsorships. We view our investment in the Seminary as foundational to the preservation of Christianity in the Middle East, and Christian Arabs in particular, many of whom have suffered dearly throughout the recent decades as faithful servants of the Kingdom.


Emmanuel Hospital Association, India

Emmanuel Hospital Association (EHA) is the largest private healthcare network in India and they serve mainly the poor of northern India in the name of Jesus Christ.  EHA provides clinical care at their 19 hospitals as well as leading community development health programs in the rural areas.  The first palliative care services in Northern India were started at EHA under the leadership of Dr. Ann Thyle who visited WPC on numerous occasions. Wayne Presbyterian Church helped to build an operating theater in an EHA hospital located in a district populated by the impoverished “untouchables” caste. Currently our Church supports healthcare needs for families who cannot afford to pay for their care.


Missionary – Northeast Philadelphia

Wayne Presbyterian Church supports a missionary family serving in the ethnically diverse neighborhoods of Northeast Philadelphia among Muslim peoples who have immigrated to the US. The family leads a team of professionals who work and live in Philadelphia and meet regularly to pray, strategize, equip and minister together.  Their ministry includes work in their local church, leading ESL classes, starting an Arabic fellowship, guiding immigrants in US culture and their assimilation, and friendship evangelism.

Kirkuk Women’s Prison Ministry, Iraq

The Kirkuk Women’s Prison Ministry is led by the women of the Evangelical Presbyterian Church in Kirkuk, Iraq. This ministry was founded in 2010 and has sought to bring the Gospel to “the least of these” in a land that has been torn by war and sectarian fighting since the 1980s. Throughout the 2010’s, including the period when ISIS was in control of much of Iraq’s land, the women of the Presbyterian Church in Kirkuk continued to pay regular visits to the jailed women at the local jail. The crimes committed by these women ranged from petty theft and prostitution, all the way to aiding and abetting serious terrorist attacks against Christians and other religious minorities through ISIS.

The women of the Presbyterian Church in Kirkuk visit the jailed women and talk to them about God’s love, mercy, grace, and forgiveness – concepts that are foreign to them in their Muslim faith. They pray with them, eat with them, and listen to their pains and struggles. Every time they visit, they take care packages to the jailed women consisting of personal bathing supplies, hygiene products, sleeping gowns, tooth paste/brush, and the like. Most of these women are disowned by their families, and as such they have no one to visit them to take care of their needs. Many of them end up giving birth in the jail and they raise their babies with them, so the women from the Kirkuk Presbyterian Church also take care packages for the infants and toddlers to make sure they’re taken care of as well.  Wayne Presbyterian Church’s support makes this ministry possible.


Water Is Life Kenya


Water is Life Kenya (WILK) is dedicated to bringing clean, accessible water, sanitation and good hygiene to the Maasai people in drought-prone rural communities in Southern Kenya.  WILK also manages a Livestock as a Business Program (LAB) in partnership with the Kenyan Ministry of Livestock. Through LAB, the people of Southern Kenya receive training and financial support to improve livestock management. The sale of healthy cows is a critical income generator for the Maasai people.  WILK also includes a beaded jewelry program certified by the Fair Trade Federation. Kenyan families receive direct income from this endeavor.  Wayne Presbyterian Church supports the water borehole projects that bring life-giving water to Maasai communities.




CEDEPCA – Guatemala

The Protestant Center for Pastoral Studies in Central America (CEDEPCA) is an educational institution that contributes to the transformation of lives and contexts by providing training and accompaniment, and by offering spaces for reflection to women and men from diverse Christian traditions, communities and contexts.  Wayne Presbyterian Church’s intergenerational mission trip participated in CEDEPCA’s intercultural encounter program in July 2019, learning firsthand about immigration issues, violence against women and educational system challenges.  Our church currently supports CEDEPCA’s educational programs that ministry to Guatemala’s indigenous people groups.