Summer worship schedule begins Sunday, May 26th. Join us weekly for worship at 10AM until Sept. 15th.

WPC Internal Event Planning Starts Here

Need to request a Room or begin to schedule an Event at WPC?  This is the place to start all requests. 


  • EX: Classes, Routine meetings
  • Use this form for most meetings
  • Includes self-service Tech
  • Includes self-service Furniture set up
  • Option for showing on website calendar
  • Option for including in Sunday Bulletin
  • Option for including in News & Views

 Schedule a meeting to Coordinate Event Planning

  • EX: Speaker Series, Town Halls, One Book One Church
  • Use this Option if a Meeting Room Set-up is Required
  • Best for outside Speakers, Special Events
  • Pick this option if any Graphic Design publicity (ex: poster, yard sign, lamp post banners, boiler room door banner, flyer, food requests) Please Note: The Sponsoring Committee will be responsible for all costs involved.
  • This option requires and in-person planning meeting with John Pitocchelli. email or call 610-688-8700 ext 216