Starting May 28 we will be on our Summer Schedule. Join us for in person worship at 10AM. The 10AM service will also be livestreamed. Click here to view. Our Summer Office hours are Monday - Thursday 7AM to 5PM. The Office is closed on Fridays.

WPC Internal Event Planning Starts Here

Need to request a Room or begin to schedule an Event at WPC?  This is the place to start all requests. 


  • EX: Classes, Routine meetings
  • Use this form for most meetings
  • Includes self-service Tech
  • Includes self-service Furniture set up
  • Option for showing on website calendar
  • Option for including in Sunday Bulletin
  • Option for including in News & Views

 Schedule a meeting to Coordinate Event Planning

  • EX: Speaker Series, Town Halls, One Book One Church
  • Use this Option if a Meeting Room Set-up is Required
  • Best for outside Speakers, Special Events
  • Pick this option if any Graphic Design publicity (ex: poster, yard sign, lamp post banners, boiler room door banner, flyer, food requests) Please Note: The Sponsoring Committee will be responsible for all costs involved.
  • This option requires and in-person planning meeting with John Pitocchelli. email or call 610-688-8700 ext 216