August 18 update: With the increased rate of cases of the Delta variant, we are asking all congregants to mask while in the building for worship or other meetings. We hope to see you in-person at worship on Sunday and under the tent for fellowship after the service.

Our Stories


    Dr. Stephen Harberts
    01.01.09 | Our Member's Stories | by Dave Leidy

    Fulfills a bucket list wish for church member Alberta Tonks On Alberta’s 80th birthday, Alberta was surprised with a ride on a motorcycle. All this because Stephen conspired with Diane, his wife and David Leidy to fulfil her ‘bucket list’ dream.

      His Compassions Never Fail
      01.01.05 | Our Member's Stories | by Ruth Murphy

      Susan Aggarwal, at a WiNGS event, explains how at difficult moments God sent angels to show her His faithfulness and love: “All those years, when He was just in the background, He was just waiting for me to call on Him.”

        A Treasured Memory
        01.01.00 | Our Member's Stories | by Ted Behr

        Is there a reflection of Philippians 1:27 in the copy room? You’ve walked past this plaque many dozens of times on entering the office complex at Wayne Presbyterian! Now you’ll know why it’s there.

        Finding Wayne: by Beth Collins
        01.01.00 | Our Member's Stories | by Andrew Hostetter

        My favorite times of praise at Wayne Pres have been singing and dancing with the K-4th graders in Joyful Noise with Mrs. M. I found it harder than most 1st graders to remember all of the books of the bible but had many chances to commit it to memory. Please don't ask me to sing it by myself.

          Cathy Chandler’s Story
          01.01.98 | Our Member's Stories | by Pamela Jensen

          How Cathy came to Wayne and her story of the experience. Through the tenure of at least 14 pastors, associate pastors, and interim pastors; the terms of dozens of classes of elders and deacons; and scores of classes of Sunday School children, Ms. Cathy Chandler has been a constant at Wayne Presbyterian Church.