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Our Stories


    A Breezy Easter Service
    01.01.75 | Our Member's Stories | by Betsy Girard

    Betsy and her daughter, Kim, recall a cold and wet “sunrise service” in the aptly named “Breezeway” that connected the Church Sanctuary to Chapel before “The Connector” was built. Associate Pastor Gary Reddish warmed hearts throughout the church community with his deep love and good humor.

      Connecting the Dudts
      01.01.66 | Our Member's Stories | by Ruth Dudt | by Craig Stock

      Thank you Ruth Dudt for shedding a little light on your experience of Wayne Presbyterian with these words. We hope they will inspire others to connect the Dudts to their own experiences and share them with us! The acquisition of bells that Ruth talks of is expanded in a recent interview with Jeannie Bowman and Julie Barnes in the library at Casa del Sol, Ghost Ranch, NM

        Clara's Gift
        01.01.00 | Our Member's Stories | by Casey Thompson

        Casey Thompson tells how in 1890, a little girl’s act of faith—donating her savings of $1.53—started the campaign that funded the sanctuary where we worship today.