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Finding Wayne: by Beth Collins
01.01.00 | Our Member's Stories | by Andrew Hostetter

My favorite times of praise at Wayne Pres have been singing and dancing with the K-4th graders in Joyful Noise with Mrs. M. I found it harder than most 1st graders to remember all of the books of the bible but had many chances to commit it to memory. Please don't ask me to sing it by myself.

    Cathy Chandler’s Story
    01.01.98 | Our Member's Stories | by Pamela Jensen

    How Cathy came to Wayne and her story of the experience. Through the tenure of at least 14 pastors, associate pastors, and interim pastors; the terms of dozens of classes of elders and deacons; and scores of classes of Sunday School children, Ms. Cathy Chandler has been a constant at Wayne Presbyterian Church.

      CityLights The Early Years
      01.01.94 | Our Member's Stories | by George Aman

      Dr. Hestenes quoted Jesus’ defining measure of love, “If you have done it for the least of these my brothers and sisters, you have done it for me” (Matthew 28:40). “And where,” she asked us, “does our congregation feel uniquely gifted to serve in the world?”

        City Lights - The First 20 years
        11.13.90 | Our Member's Stories | by Buzz Mossholder | by John Galloway | by Carey Davis

        “… over 20 years ago, Carey Davis answered the call to a Christ-like mission the size of a mustard seed. Starting small, very local, often one person at a time—then bringing together a few people gathered in the name of Jesus. She has reached and rallied scores of persons in Southwest Philadelphia and called countless more people from the suburbs to form new bonds, to find a new sense of what community means and to anticipate the Kingdom together in quite remarkable ways. We cannot begin to calculate the enormity of her more than two decades of service through CityLights—nor can we count the hundreds of persons who have found hope and heard a call through her ministry....” ...

          A Breezy Easter Service
          01.01.75 | Our Member's Stories | by Betsy Girard

          Betsy and her daughter, Kim, recall a cold and wet “sunrise service” in the aptly named “Breezeway” that connected the Church Sanctuary to Chapel before “The Connector” was built. Associate Pastor Gary Reddish warmed hearts throughout the church community with his deep love and good humor.